The on-call CFO: How the right accountant can help your company thrive.

You’re going into business and you need someone to look at the numbers: Do you hire a new staff member to get the job done?

For many companies, there’s another way. Working with a knowledgeable, qualified accounting firm combines cost-effective flexibility with a wealth of industry know-how and resources.

“We’re here when you need us,” says Cindy Castoe, CPA staff accountant at Alban & Company CPAs.

A small firm with big firm expertise, this locally owned office offers all the major benefits of a dedicated accountant without the full-time expense. Their collaborative approach, whether coaching you through an online accounting process or designing a tax efficient and practical business succession plan, gives you the benefit of their knowledge and experience without the full time expense of a specialized financial professional.

Alban & Company, principals Ron Alban and Beverly Holaday-English have a wealth of experience working in public accounting and inside of businesses – a level of pooled skill nearly impossible to find in any one person. The firm has access to more resources and several levels of oversight from a team of practiced professionals. Clients have the opportunity to work with both a principal and a staff member.

And at the end of the day, personal service is a top priority. Nobody hesitates to pick up the phone and call a client with a question about a project. Many of those business clients come back year after year, and Alban & Company principals and staff members become closely familiar with their individual needs and financial situations.

The level of communication between the firm’s office and clients helps make the accounting process smooth and efficient. The firm’s collaborative approach provides you with the additional expertise and insight of years of experience. The same holds true whether the client is a small startup looking for a little extra attention or a multi million-dollar corporation in need of an audit.

Working with Alban & Company is nearly like hiring your own staff member, but with one important difference: The service is only there when you need it.